Toni’s Stories: Dowry Valdez

Dowry Valdez is a guest of Toni’s Kitchen who first started coming to Toni’s at the beginning of the Covid pandemic.  Dowry lives in Bloomfield with his wife and two young children.  He says that he and the other members of his family have all had covid.  Thankfully, everyone has recovered.  But Dowry says he and his wife have other health issues, and money is tight.


Dowry picks up food once a week, not just for his immediate family, but for other relatives too.  Dowry likes the food at Toni’s, and is grateful for the help.


“It’s always good,” he says about the food he gets from Toni’s.  “Most of the time we have received something that we never eat before. So you guys are teaching us also a good manner of how to survive in this situation.”


Dowry feels like he is treated “perfectly” when he comes to Toni’s.  “You feel welcome.”  And, Dowry says, Toni’s “is the most important place for me right now…good food and good people.”


Toni’s Kitchen has been able to help people like Dowry and his family throughout the pandemic due to the hard work of our staff and volunteers, and the incredible support of our community.  Thanks to all who help keep us strong!