Governor Murphy Praises Toni’s Kitchen During Covid Briefing

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy praised Toni's Kitchen during a recent coronavirus briefing.  The Governor spoke about Toni's Cafe, our food truck that delivers soups, sandwiches, coffee and microwavable meals to neighborhoods in our community.  He also talked about our delivery of backpacks to school children as well as our programs to provide needed food to college students in our area.  

The Governor talked about the impact of Covid on those with food need in our community, and he noted the massive increase in the number of meals that Toni's Kitchen has provided during the pandemic.  In 2019, Toni's provided 227,000 meals to residents in our community.  In 2020, that number rose to more than 1,000,000 meals.  

Gov. Murphy also spoke about the New Jersey Economic Development Authority's "Sustain and Serve" grant that Toni's Kitchen is administering to purchase meals from local restaurants and distribute them to the community.  The grant is for more than $650,000 and Toni's is working closely with local restaurants to get these meals out to those with food need in our area.

"Toni's Kitchen," the Governor said, "represents some of the very best of our state."

You can watch the Governor's comments about Toni's Kitchen here: