Nutrition For Our Guests

Nutrition for Our Guests

At Toni’s Kitchen, we recognize that guests have limited access to fresh fruits and vegetables, adequate amounts of protein, and sufficient quantities of whole grains and dairy.  We also recognize that guests often rely on fast foods which may contain excessive amounts of fat, salt, and sugar.

Our goal at Toni's Kitchen is to provide guests with consistently healthy, nutritious, and tasty meals.  Meals are planned and prepared using the following guidelines:

  • Collaborative meal planning process
  • My Plate and USDA nutrition guidelines
  • Six ounces of protein per serving
  • Limited use of "mixed dishes," as mixed dishes usually result in a lesser amount of protein
  • Limited fat intake
  • Reduced sodium intake
  • Reduced amount of refined sugar

Nutrition Targets for Each Meal:

  • Sodium: 1300mg
  • Calories: 1500-1800
  • Protein: 30%
  • Vegetables: 30%
  • Grains: 20%
  • Fruits: 20%