** Toni's Kitchen 40th Anniversary **

Throughout 2022, Toni's Kitchen will be celebrating our 40th anniversary with stories and notes about our history and our future.  Check back here frequently for much more about our 40th anniversary throughout the year.


  • That's What Amazed Me About Toni' From The Very Start…Just How Everybody Was Working Together": A Conversation with Pat Moulton and Jim Snodgrass Read more  ** NEW **
  • Toni's Kitchen Celebrates 40 Years of Serving the Community: A great time was had by all at the Women's Club of Upper Montclair on October 1 to celebrate Toni's 40th anniverary  Read more  
  • Toni's Kitchen "Words" Project: Where friends and supporters of Toni's Kitchen gives us words that describe what makes Toni's Kitchen such a special place  Read more 
  • "It Was An Experience of Joy": Talking with former head of Toni's Kitchen Mary Ann Renn  Read more 

  • “I Loved the Community of it”: A Conversation with longtime Toni's Kitchen volunteer Anne Mockridge  Read more

  • Our History: How It All Began in 1982:  Find out how "Toni's Kitchen" got its name.  Read more