Toni's Kitchen "Words" Project

As part of Toni's Kitchen's 40th anniversary, we recently asked our supporters and volunteers to tell us specific words that explain what makes Toni's Kitchen such a special place. We got many, many responses and the words that we heard gave us an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the people in our community who support Toni's Kitchen.

For fun, we built a "word cloud" with all the words we received. The larger the word in the word cloud, the more frequently it was listed by the respondents. Read for yourself:


The word used by the most people to describe Toni's Kitchen? "Caring." We couldn't have said it any better ourselves!

Here's the Top 10 most mentioned words:










7 words tied for 10th: "Committed," "Friendships," "Judgement-free," "Respectful," "Selfless," "Service," "Sharing"

Thanks to all who participated in this project! And thank you for your continuing support of Toni's Kitchen!