Serving Our Community During These Challenging Times

Since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Toni's Kitchen has seen our numbers rise from 240,000 meals provided annually to 1,500,000 meals provided in 2021.  In addition to "to-go" meals and our "Choice Pantry" that provides our guests with different types of food to choose from when they pick up a grocery bag, our work includes partnerships with over 60 community organizations to ensure that healthy food is available in the natural gathering places of low-income neighbors, including afterschool programs, mentoring programs, ESL classes, social clubs for older adults, and others.  We have added neighborhood "pop-ups" — farmer's market style setups for families to choose fresh produce, shelf-stable groceries, adn hot meals from our kitchen.  We now provide Healthy Meal Kits for familes to take home and prepare together with their kids.  We also have our Toni's Kitchen food truck, which takes hot meals on the road to connect with hard-to-reach neighbors. 

We continue to serve our community in these challenging times with the wonderful support of our donors, our volunteers, and our community.