Meeting The Need During Covid

During this continuing coronavirus epidemic, the food need in our community is enormous. 

In 2019, our weekly meal counts (including groceries and hot meals) averaged 4,300 per week. We are now up to more than 20,000 meals per week!

With the sudden shutdown earlier this year due to coronavirus, Toni's Kitchen redesigned its work into three umbrella programs: hot meals to go for our soup kitchen guests, groceries for families, and a mix of frozen meals and light groceries delivered weekly to our shut-in senior citizens. We have worked closely with our schools, local health departments and myriad of community partners to ensure that those suddenly without income were able to quickly connect with healthy food.

As the need remains high in our community, we ask you to please help keep our neighbors healthy during this challenging moment.

You can donate to Toni's Kitchen by clicking here.

Thank you!