Toni’s Kitchen Receives Grant from New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund


St. Luke's Church and Toni's Kitchen have been awarded a grant from the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund.  The Fund works to support families impacted by the pandemic throughout the state of New Jersey by identifying and funding organizations that are helping the most vulnerable return to normal.

Anne Mernin, Executive Director of Toni's Kitchen, said: "Toni's Kitchen will use these funds to help resource the programs that we built during 2020 to build the resilience needed to see families through to stability as their post-pandemic lives take form."

Among the programs and initiatives that Toni's Kitchen instituted in response to the pandemic are increased deliveries of food to vulnerable populations, distribution of grocery bags and meals to-go, and Toni's Cafe, a new food truck which visits neighborhoods in our community to deliver much-needed food.

As the pandemic contiues, the new grant from the New Jersey Pandemic Relief Fund will help us continue this critical work.