Toni’s Kitchen Expands Its Space to End Food Insecurity

Toni’s Kitchen is breaking ground on a major project to add 5,000 square feet of much-needed space. During the pandemic, Toni’s Kitchen’s dining room was transformed into a warehouse and we ‘borrowed’ significant space from St. Luke’s. Conference rooms are now used for food storage and the Assembly Hall upstairs is used for hot meal services.  This spring we will break ground to open up currently inaccessible space beneath the sanctuary building. Once open, our guests can again gather for a meal in our dining room and the pallets of food currently occupying that space will move next door.


Outdoor refrigeration units added during the crisis will go away and new walk-in units will be installed inside. We can’t wait to use this new space to extend our food support programs and ensure that no one in our community worries about putting food on their table. A big, big thank you to the Silver Family Foundation/The Bravitas Group and everyone who donated to us during their matching grant in November, 2021. The Silver Match will go toward this major initiative.