Latest Update on Coronavirus Response

An Update From Toni's Kitchen

We are so grateful to our community for all the warm support in recent days.  Volunteers have cooked over a thousand meals, packed several thousand food bags, and delivered food. Families have come by and dropped off food donations.  Your financial generosity is helping to cover the unprecedented need.  As we move forward we continue to need you in the days ahead!

Here is a brief update:

– In partnership with Montclair and Bloomfield Public Schools, students are beginning to receive food bags and fresh produce as they pick up their lunches.  We expect these numbers to be low this week and grow as the impact of economic dislocation takes hold.

– A partnership with Montclair Senior Services, Toni's Kitchen and the Kiwanis Club of Montclair has formed to provide several hundred seniors with meals, healthy staples and fresh produce delivered to their homes or senior buildings.  The first senior building delivery was today (Tuesday) and all buildings and senior residents will be covered by Friday. A big thanks to Antika Grill for helping with this initiative. Bloomfield seniors are receiving similar home deliveries in coordination with the Bloomfield Health Dept.

– Toni's Kitchen's regular soup kitchen patrons are receiving regular meals prepared as take-out.

– The pantry at Bloomfield College has been restocked for their students who remain in their on-campus dorms.

– We are responding to additional new needs by groups in our community.  We are also seeing the first inquiries from families who have lost income.  

We continue to need substantial food and financial donations.  We recognize that the need for food will increase significantly and rapidly.  All our volunteer shifts are being restructured to be small but frequent.  

Please see our website to make a donation, see our most current food needs and to check volunteer needs.  Click here to make a donation.

Please look out for your neighbors.  If you see an unmet need, please reach out.  Stay safe and hold your families close!

With hope and confidence in our collective resilience,

Anne Mernin

Executive Director

Toni's Kitchen