Growth for Good: An Expansion Project to End Food Insecurity

At Toni's Kitchen, we believe that ending food insecurity in our community is within reach. The goal of this project is to provide the facilities needed to truly realize that goal within the next 3-5 years.

Toni's Kitchen is now providing over 1.5 million meals per year in our community and is doing this in the same space used in 2019 when we were providing 240,000 meals per year. When Covid-19 hit, our dining room turned into a warehouse for pallets of food to meet the huge spike in demand. Conference rooms became aisles of grocery shelves and soup kitchen meals were packaged up for take-away.

We now dream of reopening our dining room to invite those without housing back in for a homemade meal served at our tables. We imagine the space to pack groceries in ways that ensure each community – families, seniors, children – are receiving healthy food appropriate to their needs.

The Project to End Food Insecurity will make 5000+ square feet of current inaccessible space at St.Luke's available to Toni's Kitchen. Our dining room will return to a warm gathering space. We will have the food packaging space needed to ensure all children and families go to sleep without worries about food. Our new walk-in refrigeration will keep dairy and produce fresh for our 60+ community partner programs. This new space will allow lessons learned and programs tested during the pandemic to be fully realized in our community.

As we feel the global winds of shifting food supply, economic disruptions and climate challenges, a resilent and elastic network deeply embedded in our community becomes ever more important. Please help us realize this goal with a generous donation! Click here to donate.

Click here for a brochure that further explains this important project. And please watch this video for more information and inspiration: